What is the GOSystem?

It's simple. "GO" stands for "Getting Organized." The Go System is a proven, step-by-step process that can help you become more focused, organized, and productive. The GO System will help you find things when you need them and, more importantly, helps you stay focused on high-priority activities.

The GO System addresses the major issues that cause chaos and disorganization in an office environment:

1. Handling incoming items (paper, voice mail, e-mail, etc.)

2. Prioritizing

3. Using time rationally

4. Managing projects

5. Dealing with procrastination

The GO System is easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to maintain. In addition to the practical ideas and useable insights provided during the GO System session, each class participant receives an easy-to-follow Go System implementation kit and a copy of the book Getting Organized. Together, they reinforce the classroom instruction and provide each participant with the tools needed to get started.

Does the GO System work for companies too?

In order to remain competitive, even highly successful and profitable companies constantly look for ways to get more done, in less time, with fewer people. With the GO System, you will be able to help your employees:

  • Ensure that time spent at work is quality, productive time
  • Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety
  • Improve their ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Improve their ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions
  • Increase their contribution to the bottom-line results of your organization

What do people say about the GO System?

"I felt like I had gradually lost control of my business because of my lack of organization and the thought that I could be forgetting or losing important things had started making me anxious.

Completely without judgment, Susan Kousek of Balanced Spaces walked into my office, asked me some questions and listened closely. It was obvious from the many piles of paper, magazines, and miscellany on every flat surface of my office including the floor that I had a serious need for paper management. But she also keyed in on other issues that I was frustrated with, like never getting around to following up on business, never making time for myself, and juggling the responsibilities of my own business and my family.

Within the first hour, we had measured my office space for more filing storage and bookshelves, and Susan helped me set up the GO System. By the end of our 4-hour session, every paper in every pile was filed or trashed, my desk was organized for efficiency (and could actually be dusted!), and I knew exactly what I needed to accomplish the rest of the day because it was in my day folder in my GO System.

Now, even the personal tasks I'd been putting off for so long are getting done or at least scheduled so I don' t have to think about them anymore.

Thanks to Susan and Balanced Spaces, I feel liberated, motivated and exhilarated!"

--Jackie Mills, True Blue Creative, Herndon, VA

Who benefits from the GO System?

People who are struggling with disorganization and its negative effects on their work and life.

Anyone who would like to have more balance in their life and would like to be a better, more effective contributor to their organization.

People who are overwhelmed with the many items coming at them every day (paper, e-mails, voice mail, to-do lists, requests from other people, mountains of notes, etc.)

Anyone who has multiple priorities to juggle and needs to ensure they are working on their highest priority item at all times.

Individuals who have extremely busy schedules and need to learn to manage their time rationally.

People who have projects which they need to effectively and efficiently manage by learning how to manage deadlines and deliverables, and delegate effectively.

Individuals who could benefit by understanding how their individual personality and psychological characteristics impact their ability to stay focused and organized.

The GO System is taught to all levels of professionals, from entry-level to the "C"-level exectuive.

What makes the GO System different?

Many courses focus on mechanical techniques or gadgets such as special planners or software, which help people temporarily get things in order. But a few days or weeks after these courses, people often revert to their old habits, and the chaos returns. Why? Because staying organized is really about habits, not gadgets.

With theGO System, we focus on the six major issues that cause chaos and disorganization in life and work, and give you simple, powerful, practical techniques to improve in each of these six areas.

At the end of the GO System course, you will have all the mental and physical tools and techniques you need to get and stay organized.

The materials provided during each training session (the book, Getting Organized, and the Go System implementation kit) are great support guides in moving forward after the class is over.

Most attendees are able to implement the system in their offices immediately. The effect it has on an individual's ability to be effective, and the peace of mind it affords, is often immediate and dramatic.

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