·          Keep essentials only on your desktop. Essentials are: computer, telephone, project file bin, lamp, note paper, stapler, and what you’re working on right now.


·          Put supplies in a supply drawer in easy reach of your desk.


·          Make sure your telephone is easy to answer and comfortable to use when talking and taking notes. If not, move it. Use a speaker phone or headset for long conversations.


·          Put photos and calendars on your wall, not your desktop.



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·          If your desk doesn’t have a drawer for supplies, consider a rolling file you can place under your desk when not needed. Get one with at least two supply drawers. You’ll get more supply storage and new surface space for project files, a printer, or your phone.


·          Use a desk drawer organizer inside each supply drawer. Separate supply items into separate sections.


·          Consider a cabinet, closet, or tower for supplies like file folders, envelopes, and labels. Group like things together and label the containers.


·          Use magazine boxes for large envelopes, catalogs, 3-ring binder dividers. Clear plastic boxes are good for extra rubber bands, staples, etc. Label all containers.



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·          Keep your wastebasket in easy reach. Use one that’s large enough for a week’s worth of trash. Line it with a plastic bag so it’s easy to empty.


·          If you deal with sensitive or financial data, keep a shredder handy. Get a “confetti” instead of “spaghetti” type shredder, and make sure it fits onto its own wastebasket.


·          Keep within easy reach a supply of file folders and plastic tabs with inserts. When you have an item to file and need a new folder, you’ll be able to create it and put the item in it immediately.


·          If you have a hutch or shelves in front of you when you sit at your desk, keep it as open as possible. Limit items here to some photos, a few supplies, a few reference books you use often, or backup disks. Don’t overload these shelves with heavy items.



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·          Take time at the end of each day to put your desk in order.


·          Make a list of items you must work on the next day. Then you’ll be able to focus on your work.



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