On-site Presentations and Workshops at Your Location

Corporate, public sector, and trade association teams realize many benefits from our presentations and workshops:†

          Focus and unify your teamís efforts with goal-directed organizing

          Streamline your teamís operations

          Establish & maintain a new level of organization

          Reduce stress & dramatically increase productivity!


ůGO System Training

"GO" stands for "Getting Organized." The Go System is a proven, step-by-step process to help people get organized and stay organized. It is easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to maintain. Within a few hours, it can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that come from being overworked, overwhelmed, and overloaded.

In addition to the practical ideas and useable insights provided during the GO System session, each class participant will receive an easy-to-follow Go System implementation kit and a copy of the book Getting Organized. Together, they reinforce the classroom instruction and provide each participant with the tools needed to get started.

Most attendees are able to implement the system in their offices immediately. The effect it has on an individual's ability to be effective, and the peace of mind it affords, is often immediate and dramatic. Learn more about the GO†System...

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ůOptimize Your Workspace

Canít focus or find things in your office? Learn how to organize your desktop, supply area, project files, and general workspace to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.


This session covers:

          Causes and results of workspace disorganization

          Remedies to restore order

          A plan of action

          Recommendations for tools and supplies to match your needs

          Tips to help you stay organized


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ůControl Your Email!

Overwhelmed by email? Learn how to efficiently manage your email messages. Using Microsoft Outlookģ examples, this session teaches best practices for both incoming and outgoing messages, including:

          Changing subject lines

          Dragging messages to the Calendar or Tasks

          Redirecting incoming messages to another folder

          Techniques to save time

          Maintaining your email organizing system



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ůFind Files Fast!

Can't find your computer documents? Inundated with papers? Learn how to organize your files so you can find important electronic and paper files quickly.


This session shows you how to:

          Determine main headings for file groups and file folder names

          Develop a plan for consistent naming of files

          Set up a filing system

          Maintain your filing system



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ůTake Back Your Time!

You work long and hard, but arenít accomplishing what you want, and youíre getting further and further behind. Learn time management strategies you can implement immediately to save hours each week and reduce stress. Control your day based on what you want to do, not on what the world wants you to do.


This session teaches methods to:

          Prioritize tasks, set goals, and stay focused

          Strategically schedule your day

          Apply sophisticated deadline management

          Delegate in innovative ways




          Presentations include lecture and handouts.

          Workshops include exercises as well as lecture and handouts.

          Specific product and resource recommendations will be provided.

          Each session can be customized in depth and duration (half day, full day) depending on your needs.

          The format can be structured to allow for instructor visits to attendees at their workspace for one-on-one consulting and coaching to develop personalized solutions.



To schedule a presentation or workshop, or for more information, contact Balanced Spaces at 703-742-9179 or skousek@balancedspaces.com.



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