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Susan Kousek 's help has:

  • Enabled me to bring up new offerings quicker because I'm able to get the work done more quickly and efficiently
  • Increased my effectiveness in doing projects for clients so the quality of my work has gone up
  • Enabled me to meet deadlines and to be on time more when I meet and work with clients

All of which has contributed to new business.

Susan saved me from myself and my bad habits. My business was growing very rapidly and there was a lot of materials from my clients. I was planning and executing faster than I could organize myself and my business.

My lack of organization was slowing me down.

It became a hindrance and affected my productivity in a negative way because there was so much information to keep up with. There was no easy way to get what I needed.

I spent twice as long looking for something
as I needed to.

My office furniture, though nice, wasn't functioning for the way I worked. I had no place to put things. There was too much clutter. I was having trouble focusing as I worked. Since I could use my current furniture in another part of my home, I told Susan when I first called that I wanted to get new furniture, and wanted her advice of what would work best for me. She looked at the entire process -- what I did, how I worked, and exactly what I was trying to keep in terms of records and information. She listened to what I liked -- a larger desk, a neat workspace, no bookcases with open shelves, closed storage where I could easily put away a project so it didn't clutter my office.

We completely redesigned my office
for my work style.

I now have a place for everything and I am able to put everything in its place. She did it in a way that made sense to me. If I'm working on a project, I can literally reach in a bin and pull out all my project materials, research, and background notes. I can have it all sitting on my desk in a nice, neat, organized fashion. And if I need to pull papers out, putting them back is just a matter of scooping them up in their respective places, putting them in their project bin, then putting the bin away in the cabinet.

Now, it's really easy to find what I need and shift from task to task. Things get done more quickly.

In the end, what she did was change the entire dynamic of the way I operate. Now I can do more and do it more quickly. I can keep up the pace I want with my clients. It's all because I don't allow administrative things to become a dead weight. The kind of thing you might trivialize and say "Well, that's not all that important."

When you can't find something so you're running 20 minutes late for a meeting, the impact from the client's perception is not good.

By getting organized and making the process efficient in the background, the customer now sees a much cleaner execution.

Being organized makes my life A LOT easier.

I still pull papers out and scatter them over the desk, but because Susan put in a system, I can go from a very active desk to a pristine desk in 5 minutes. I can literally take everything I have spread out over my desk that I'm working on right now, clean it up, put it away and move on to another project in a couple of very short moments. And it's all in a place where when I need to get it, I can pull it back out, work on that project, and shift from task to task. I don't have to worry about a mountain of clutter or papers or files.

What I wanted was something that would actually address the root issues and make sure they don't repeat over and over again.

So I brought her back to do checkups. As it turned out, I was a star pupil. I adapted and I did my homework.

There's no question. Susan is an expert.

She's absolutely at the top of the game — everything from the way she executes her program to the service delivery — she's absolutely the best. She puts you at ease. She doesn't make any judgments. She's incredibly patient, sincere and very kind. No matter what she pulls out of a file, she's going to respect it. After a very short period of time it became very easy to talk with her and we just solved problems. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Ultimately, because Susan was there, I took care of the worst, most intimidating thing hiding in the biggest pile, the pile I had left alone the longest!





"Susan Kousek's help had a revenue impact. We were able to move the launch of a new offering up 4 or 5 months. Because of Susan, we launched it quicker and we pulled new revenue into this year." —  Michael Faul, President, Xsellerate, LLC

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