Corporate Office Reclaimed

I had an amazing collection of technical information and documentation and had piles all over my office. I had piles on my desk, piles on the floor, and I got to the point where I wasnít able to have the data that I needed at my fingertips.

I realized that I needed to call somebody who could help me get organized.

Susan Kousek of Balanced Spaces encouraged me to throw stuff away. So now I have no stacks on the floor. Not a piece of paper on the floor in my office. I thought Iíd miss all the junk she had me throw away but I donít Ė not at all. Iím never looking for anything. Thatís one of the great things, plus everything is so intuitive.

She helped me figure out how to organize information I need so I can get it more easily. She listens to what you need for your job and then has creative ideas to make you more efficient in retrieval of information that supports you in that role. And that, to me, was really the biggest key.

Susan's suggestions were right on target.

Everything is where I can get to it very quickly now, so itís much easier for me to find what I need and get information and supplies a lot more quickly.

I've been able to maintain the organization. Itís amazing. Everyone comes into my office and says, "You've kept it up. We're so happy for you!"

People like coming into my office for meetings now because thereís actually a place to put their books on my desk. Before, there was no room on my desk for anything and now you can come in and you can put your book down and it looks organized and I think itís really nice.

Sheís had an impact on how productive I am.

I can tell my boss is happier because I have data for him when he needs it. When youíre organized, everything you present seems more organized.

Susan's help has a huge value to make you more efficient. Itís really exceeded my expectations.

Her ideas have really helped me stay organized and keep the office neat and tidy.

We moved the wood file unit from under the desk to the corner under the window. We had the shelves lowered for easier access to items used often.
We added a bookcase to hold books and 3-ring binders moved from the over-the-desk shelves. We added a desktop file bin to hold key files and rolling file crates to hold supplies.
We added a 6-drawer cart for supplies.

There were a lot of items on the floor and many seldom-used items on the left of the desk.

We moved most of the contents of the shelves to a new bookcase on the other side of the room and cleared off the desk to make room to work.

I've been able to maintain the organization. Itís amazing. Everyone comes into my office and says, "Youíve kept it up. Weíre so happy for you!" ó† Carrie-Anne Michos, Group Sales Director, Oracle USA

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