Since 1990, Susan Kousek of Balanced Spaces®, LLC has been helping people organize their papers, possessions, and lives through hands-on organizing services for offices and homes.


A former officer manager, meeting planner, bookkeeper, and computer trainer who has been self-employed since 1985, Susan specializes in working with entrepreneurs and in setting up filing systems. As a computer trainer, she can help you organize your computer files and e-mail messages. And, she can help you declutter and make the best use of your space at home.


Susan recognizes that becoming and staying organized is an ongoing challenge. That's why she works with you to develop a system based on your needs and the way you work.


Applying her unique blend of training experience and technical know-how to the challenges of organization, Susan has developed several highly successful seminars that can be held on-site at your location. Her no-nonsense, information-packed seminars can help you and your team:

  • Organize your workspace for superb efficiency
  • Harness your papers, files and documents for instant, easy reference
  • Manage your e-mail with ease
  • Take back control over your time

To see a listing of current seminars and workshops open to the public, click here.


Susan's clients include a wide variety of public and private sector organizations, ranging from entrepreneurs and law firms to major corporations and government agencies.




National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

Golden Circle of NAPO

National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization

Reston Chamber of Commerce

Consultant Bank, Reston Chamber of Commerce
     Incubator Program

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